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My friend Claire.

You would think that people would come to The Studio, to ask ‘where can I find this wool?’. But no, they would ask, 'where is Claire?'. This is a testament to the incredible, charismatic woman that she was.

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Fur, Hair, Manes & Tails!

So we have established wool top/roving is not as easy to needle felt into shapes as carded wool however where they do come into their own is for adding fur, hair, manes and tails! You can use carded wool to apply a furry top coat to your needle felted animals but for a smoother flowing effect wool tops are perfect for this as my lovely friend Pippa from Felts with Philippa demonstrates here     Our wool tops range from natural undyed wool from different breeds of sheep to special fun blends such as the Glitzy Lightening merino/nylon blend that is perfect for your unicorn's mane and tail and is included in Chicktin Creations' amazing Una the Unicorn kit 

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It's not you it's the kit!

Only a few years ago most needle felting kits contained uncarded wool 'top' (often referred to as 'roving') where the fibres all lay in one direction making it much more difficult to needle felt with and unfortunately leaving many thinking they just weren't cut out for needle felting! Some mass produced less expensive kits ON THE MARKET TODAY still only come with wool top/roving, often a poor quality merino, making it even more difficult to achieve good results.  This is so frustrating to me as I know for a fact it won't be the user lacking any kind of skill required, it will just be down to the poor quality of the materials provided! So if you have tried needle felting...

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