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It's not you it's the kit!

Only a few years ago most needle felting kits contained uncarded wool 'top' (often referred to as 'roving') where the fibres all lay in one direction making it much more difficult to needle felt with and unfortunately leaving many thinking they just weren't cut out for needle felting! Some mass produced less expensive kits ON THE MARKET TODAY still only come with wool top/roving, often a poor quality merino, making it even more difficult to achieve good results.  This is so frustrating to me as I know for a fact it won't be the user lacking any kind of skill required, it will just be down to the poor quality of the materials provided! So if you have tried needle felting...

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Felting Wools, Processes & Terminology

Hi everyone.  I was remembering how confusing it was for me when I first started needle felting six years ago.  Roving, Tops, Carded, Locks, Merino, etc and I had no real idea of what any of them were!  This meant I ended up learning by my (expensive) mistakes.  Sooo I have put together a guide for you lovely lot in the hope that it will help.  It is by no means a definitive list, it just deals with the wools I now use and how I use them.  (click here for my handy booklet to print and keep) -BREEDS OF SHEEP- Different breeds of sheep produce different thickness (micron) of wool. As a general rule:- MERINO sheep give fine wool...

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