Adapting and collaborating

Adapting and collaborating

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and I was going to say adjusted to this new way of living through a pandemic but it appears the adjustments to the way we live are going to be ongoing for quite a while yet.

I have had to adjust to Zoom meetings - something I absolutely dreaded the idea of but it’s amazing how we do adapt so quickly and now I found it is possible to make new friends and have good communication via a screen!

This brings me on to live online workshops, something I don't personally feel experienced enough with as a way of carrying out workshops as yet - it needs quite a lot of planning and setting up to give people a quality experience.  However my lovely friend Zenia, aka The Lady Moth has been carrying out her workshops via Zoom for quite a while and I know some of you have already taken part and rebooked for her next one!

The Lady Moth and I are now collaborating on some exciting new products, supply packs, kits and online tutorials.  Her live online pumpkin workshop is available to book now via her facebook page hereYou can use your own supplies or you can purchase one of The Lady Moth Pumpkin Supplies packs that she has designed for us! For both the Warm and Cool Fusion range The Lady Moth has carefully selected 12 different warm/cool colours of carded wools, three different warm/cool colours of locks to add texture and two different warm/cool colours of silks to add a little sheen.  She is a highly talented artist and her eye for colours and blending as you can see from the picture above is outstanding.

Claire x


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