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The batting and the locks that I received are fabulous, I love the way it is packaged in egg boxes, I hope I can keep it that organised
Thank you so much for you excellent customer service

Excellent service

I have used the colour matching service three times now and I was highly impressed with the whole package. Everything is superb from the lovely, helpful Daisy to the fibres and colour shades, packaging and delivery. Your fibres come in a box all labelled. You also get a printed copy of the photo you send in, which in my case was better than my original. It saves buying lots of different fibres you may not use again. Also, it's difficult to get the correct shade you want buying online. I intend to re-use the box to put my finished picture in. This is one of my new favourite shops.

Brilliant white

Beautiful carded wool and sooooo white , love this wool x

Lovely pretty pink colour

This fibre is so pretty and felts quickly, it would be equally good for 2D and 3D makes, quite a strong colour on its own and blends well by hand with other fibres

My favourite fibre ever!!!!

This bode green is the most beautiful fibre I have used to-date, it felts really well, perfect for 2D and 3D makes, especially good for trees, foliage etc, honestly this is so beautiful I wish I ordered more, will definitely order again

Lovely wool

A sumptuous colour and lovely wool, needle felts really well. Price and speed of delivery is excellent

Amazing quality and versatile

Brilliant fibre for both 2d and 3d makes, from Christmas pud baubles to mountain landscapes, its amazing and blends beautifully with other fibres

Perfect, bright red

Perfect bright red for santa suits, santa hats, decorating baubles, Holly berries, etc. Also blends extremely well with other colours. Amazing quality, highly recommend!


These crowns are so lovely and are perfect for the little robins I made.

Lovely wool

Brightest white I've found

Needle felting mays

We tried these first of all in a class and they were so good we purchased one each.


Colour was true to the image and it felts like a dream!

Just gorgeous

A beautiful shade and so lovely to work with - needle felts like a dream!


Kit arrived fairly quickly really looking forward to starting this adorable bunny

Set of 18 'Painting with Wool' Colour Coded Felting Needles
Jackie Pearson
Felting Needles

I just love the quality of these needles, I tend to use the finer and twisted needles the most.


Very good quality and super quick from placing the order

wonderful wool

Carded Batting New Zealand Wool DHG 'Maori' Batt - Snow this wool is so nice. lovely to work with and i love the colour . i will be back for more the quality of the wool i buy from Claires Crafts Creates is second to none i highly recommend them. they are super quick with delivery too. thank you so much .

Nice and vibrant

Once again perfect for needlefelt projects

Lovely colour

Lovely colour just perfect for making pumpkins. Needlefelts really nicely.

Beautiful shade and very soft

I'm very pleased with this fibre, it's a lovely shade of green, not too dark or bright and it's incredibly soft. I'll definitely be purchasing more. 😁

Nice shade and very soft

I bought this particular shade of green to contrast with and lighten up some of the darker shades I've already got. I haven't felted with it yet but it's beautifully soft.

Beautiful shade and softness

This is the best shade of pink/fuschia I've come across and the wool is incredibly soft. I'll definitely be buying more.👍

Fabulous Woolly Stab Mat

This is the 3rd mat of Ali’s that I have purchased, not because I needed to replace the others, just because I love them! They are beautifully made with pure wool meaning they not only feel beautiful on your lap but also wool doesn’t stick to them like when you use a synthetic foam mat. They are well priced and definitely worth purchasing!

Lovely wool

Lovely soft wool, felts well and lovely vibrant colour

Lovely soft wool

Lovely wool , felts well.